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Keeping in mind the long-lasting tradition practiced by significant portions of the USA population of suing fellow Americans for any available reason, or even without reason, MyFishAuction.com has established a simple set of terms for using this website. Please read it carefully and agree or disagree. We apologize for making you go through this procedure. However, it is the only way we know of to create a comfortable environment for those who do agree to these terms. Thank you for your understanding.

By using this website, you agree that MyFishAuction.com and any of its affiliates bear no responsibility whatsoever for any consequences whatsoever of the usage of this website for you or your affiliates. MyFishAuction.com provides you with a technical opportunity to conduct business with the other members of this site without having any control over the way you do it or your choice of counterparts in your business transactions. The site itself is offered “as is”, and no promises or guarantees of any kind are made concerning its quality. In particular, no promises are made about the scope of audience that will see your posts or any possible technical or non-technical interruptions in service. The transactions are your sole responsibility, and MyFishAuction.com does not provide any mechanism for these transactions besides a simple final notification to the buyer and seller stating who has won an auction or purchased an item. However, even those notifications are not guaranteed, and it is the responsibility of the members involved in a transaction to communicate in a timely manner to finalize a deal. In other words, MyFishAuction.com is responsible for nothing. You will use this site at your own risk.

Thank you.