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10 Red Dragon Koi Veil Angels
Seller: JOEGARGAS    Location: Florida    Shipping: US Only   


This auction is for 10 dime size Dragon Koi High Fin Veil Angelfish.No Reserve, Free Shipping. Unlike most Koi Angels a percentage of these will show more intense red than orange along with deep black which really enhances the red. A unique Angelfish. I have a good friend who got stock from an Aquarist in Illinois. I believe he got the original line from Malaysia several years ago. I worked with Koi Angelfish about 6-7 years ago and then lost interest until I saw these which were nothing like I saw before. The have red in their fins besides the body- a real unusual Koi Angel and have extremely tall fins even for veils Shipping is included USA Only! Check out the pictures and videos

$ 79.00
The sale ended March 1st, 2020 03:45:00 pm
Mountain time
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