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10 Metallic White Platinum Blue Angels Shis Free
Seller: JOEGARGAS    Location: Florida    Shipping: US Only   

Free Shipping! This auction is for a 10 dime + size pure White Metallic Platinum Blue Angels there is no pearl scale or anything else in them.This is a unique Angelfish they look great when they mature. You can breed then back to a German Blue or any of the Philippine Blue Strains. Shipping is free USA Only! Any Questions let me know
Buy Live Tropical Fish Online BECAUSE 1. Most of the fish available on Line are bred locally by an experienced Aquarists/Hobbyist. 2. Since most of the fish come from breeders, they are more disease resistant and healthy. 3. Breeders are seasoned hobbyist / aquarists and are a wealth of information due to many years of experience, they can help you with diet and any issue that comes up on the way. 4. Most of the fish available from the big box stores and chain stores sell fish that are imported from other countries most of them have health issues and can infect fish that you already have.

$ 79.00
The sale ended March 12th, 2020 04:50:00 pm
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