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6 Celestial Pearl Danios - $40
Seller: ANDRE    Location: Colorado    Shipping: Local Pick-Up   

You are buying 6 young fish. Discovered within the past decade, Celestial Pearl Danios
(Danio margaritatus) have been quickly adopted by aquarium hobbyists. You will fall in love with these little danios. They are peaceful and easy to care for, as long as they live in stable water parameters with good water quality. They do best in a school. Temperature: 73° - 79° F (23° - 26° C). pH: 6.5 - 7.5. Average adult size: 1 inch (2.5 cm). These danios are tank-raised in Fort Collins, in contrast to most celestial danios on the market that are imported from Asia.

If you're looking to add natural yet arresting beauty to your aquarium, look no further than the Celestial Pearl Danio. These jewel-toned little fish are truly a sight to be seen.